Umbrella Insurance

Its name is accurate: An Umbrella policy keeps you and your family from getting soaked in the event of an accident or loss involving your vehicle or home, and you’re sued and found responsible. It’s designed to kick in after your liability limits on your standard auto and homeowners insurance have been exhausted. And it also covers threats not covered under your regular policy.

Also known as Excess liability insurance an umbrella plan works hand in hand with your current policies to provide additional coverage for bodily injury and property damage. What’s more, the amount that you choose to purchase will depend on your particular situation, the assets you have and how much you will lose should you be hit with a catastrophic suit.

No matter where you live in New Jersey, Vreeland Insurance can ensure that your custom umbrella solution provides the limits you actually need — no less and no more.

You may not think it’s worth purchasing an umbrella plan, but when you see how competitively and reasonably priced the policy is and the upside to the protection it will provide you, you’ll understand why you need this coverage. In fact, just about any NJ resident with assets should have an umbrella plan. Even with a tailored homeowners policy, if someone is injured let’s say, on your property and the amount exceeds the policy’s limits, you’ll end up having to pay. There is no reason to take that chance.

Let us show you how an Umbrella policy will cover you.

At Vreeland, we can help you select the umbrella insurance policy that’s right for your circumstance. Call or email us, or fill out the convenient quote request form on this page.

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