Home Insurance

Owning a home is one of the most important goals we all have during our lifetime. It’s where we raise our families, and share a lifetime of experiences. It represents our hard work and for many of us it’s one of our most significant assets. Having the right insurance coverage with a firm that “gets” what it means to protect your assets and family’s nest is key. At Vreeland, we understand this and provide homeowners insurance to many communities throughout the Garden State.

When reviewing your New Jersey Home insurance, we’ll take a look at whether you have Replacement Cost Coverage to make sure that should a loss occur, such as a fire, that you can rebuild using the same materials and standards when the home was originally built. This amount is different from the resale value of your home.

We will also evaluate Replacement Cost on your Personal Property — because if there is a covered loss, such as fire or theft, and your personal property (furniture, appliances, etc.) is damaged, you want to make sure you can replace these items at today’s prices — without depreciation. What’s more, there are certain items, such as jewelry and fine art, that have limited coverage on a homeowners policy. If you have valuable items, we’ll look at this with you to determine whether you should have a separate policy that extends coverage.

The amount of Personal Liability insurance you have is also critical, especially in today’s litigious environment, and will depend on your assets. We’ll also discuss with you the need for Umbrella insurance, which kicks in after your basic liability limits on your Homeowners have been exhausted.

How much will your NJ home insurance cost? Give us a call today for a free review and quote.
We can put together the best possible solution for you at the most competitive price we can find. We work with some of the most respected insurance companies in the country, and once we have your information and the features you want to be included, we can start putting together the right plan for you. Call or email us today.

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