Group Health Insurance

As a New Jersey business, you need both the coverages and the peace of mind that comes only with health insurance. But you also want to make sure you can balance what your employees need in terms of coverage and what you can afford to pay as a company.

At Vreeland Insurance, we know how important it is to provide companies with group health insurance protection to secure the futures of their employees and their families, including many New Jersey small businesses looking for competitively priced health coverage to retain employees, keep morale high, and promote wellness.

Most healthcare policies cover ongoing costs for doctor and hospital care, emergency rooms, prescriptions, lab tests, preventive care and more. The coverage plan we recommend to you may well be different from the one we recommend to another business in your community. It depends upon your employees’ needs, their family or business situation, and their budget.

Some employers offer only one health insurance plan. Some offer a choice of plans: a fee-for-service plan, a health maintenance organization (HMO), or a preferred provider organization (PPO). These plans differ in significant ways and can be explained in detail by a Vreeland agent.

We’ll work on a plan that is right for your company. Let’s get started.

Call or email us, or fill out the handy rate request form on this page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Contact us now…and get the coverage you’re looking for.

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