Group Health/Life

As a business, you want to give your NJ employees the peace of mind that only comes with group health and life insurance. Such coverage can be costly, but the alternative (employee suffering, absenteeism, etc.) can even be costlier.  Additionally, group health insurance and group life insurance plans are major factors in increasing employee morale and retention. That alone, some employers believe, makes them worth the cost of premiums.

At Vreeland, we place a high priority upon getting you the group health/life insurance protection you need to cover your employees. Sure, you can try going without…but the price you pay in the long run could well be much in excess of what you’d pay in premiums now. And we’re very good at helping you keep your monthly costs low and affordable.

Our group health plans typically cover such things as doctor and hospital care, emergency rooms, prescription drugs, laboratory tests, preventive care and more. Because we’re independent agents, we can offer you a choice of the best, most affordable plans around that fits both your needs and your budget.

Your employees deserve the best coverage…and lowest Rates. And so do you.

Call or email us, or fill out the handy rate quote request form on this page, and our group health & life insurance specialists will get back to you without delay. Contact us now…and let’s get you covered.

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