Rental Property Insurance

When you own or manage rental or investment property, you incur special risks that in most cases are not covered by your homeowners insurance policy. At Vreeland, we can help you cover those risks with an affordable rental or investment property insurance plan from one of the nation’s leading insurers. This plan can help protect you against the risk on revenues lost due to fires or storms or other events, and protect your long-term investment.

Typical features include:

  • Revenue reimbursement for as long as 18 months after a loss
  • Coverage against any kind of risk, natural or man-made
  • Replacement values without deductibles for depreciation
  • Coverage against alleged discrimination liability
  • Plus much more

Let us tailor a policy to your needs.

Virtually every New Jersey commercial property owner in the Rockaway or Morristown area faces different risks. Let our rental insurance specialists sit down with you and create the perfect solution. Call us, email us, or use the convenient quote request form on this page.

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