Pre-School and Day Care

Parents entrust their precious little bundle to your pre-school or day care facility. Knowing that your operation has a robust Child Care Insurance Plan helps them feel much more secure in leaving their children in your custody. This is where Vreeland Insurance enters.

We’ve been providing daycare insurance in New Jersey for pre-schools and day care facilities with competitively priced insurance plans for many years. Our specialty in this industry has led us to design excellent programs for profit and non-profit day care businesses based in corporate-provided care centers, nursery schools, and other standalone child-care setups.

Vreeland’s Pre-School and Day Care Facilities Insurance Plan protects you, your employees, and the children you’ve been hired to care for, with a comprehensive portfolio of policies that work together to provide coverage for the many risks that come with the territory – issues that largely revolve around accidents and liability.

The programs we offer include coverage such mainstays as General Liability, Property, Sexual Abuse Liability, Workers Compensation, Student Accident coverage, and many others. We strengthen the coverage with our loss control and risk management services, educating you and your staff about ways to minimize or even eliminate claims.

Let us take care of you while you take care of the little ones.

Contact us for more information about how we can serve your New Jersey day care insurance needs. Call us at 877.755.3767, email us, or return the convenient form on this page.

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