HVAC Contractors

Thanks to you, we have a healthy and safe environment in our work places and homes. Yet with your work come exposures to risks that can result in costly losses. As an HVAC Contractor – whether you’re a large or small business or self-employed – losses can result from damage to a customer’s property, lost or stolen material and tools, injuries to customers or employees, suits stemming from project delays or misunderstood instructions from the customer, and much more.

Vreeland Insurance specializes in providing HVAC Contractors Insurance to businesses throughout New Jersey. Our special HVAC Insurance Program is designed to help you get the best possible protection at the lowest price. Our program can handle your HVAC Liability insurance, Workers Compensation insurance, Equipment coverage, Business Auto coverage, Contractor Bonds, and more.

Our experience provides you with the right kind of insurance and coverage amounts at the right price. We also look at your entire operation to make sure we close any gaps in coverage that may exist. Our staff will provide you with recommendations to help mitigate losses and employ a safe environment on the job and at your office.

You keep us secure, so we’d like to do the same for you with a customized insurance program.

HVAC contractors make up one of largest segment of the specialty contractor market in the United States. Vreeland Insurance specializes in this area, and can help you with your business insurance needs. Call us at 877.755.3767, email us, or return the convenient form on this page.


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