Avoid The Common Resume Red Flags

Avoid The Common Resume Red FlagsFinding the right candidate for the job can take time. It’s important to review the resume, cover letter and all other material asked. You want to make sure that the candidate you are choosing is honest. As you seek the right candidate, it’s imperative that you stay protected with a Business Insurance Policy.

According to an article in The Balance, there are five resume red flags that you should pay attention to when you review resumes of potential candidates.

  1. An employment gap is something you should watch in a candidate’s employment history. This can be masked with dates listed only as years or dates not listed at all. Although not a terrible obstacle during the resume review, an employment gap can only be detrimental if the applicant fails to explain the reason why.
  1. Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be considered. They seem too nitty-gritty, however, it does set a candidate apart. These kind of errors are indicative of what you can expect from the applicant as an employee. It’s clear that the candidate did not look over their cover letter and/or resume.
  1. If there is a lack of attention detail, it provides a visual of the candidate’s success as an employee. Although these errors are not the end of the world, they are still indicative of sloppiness.
  1. If a candidate has shown a decreasing responsibility or reached a career plateau, this is a red flag. Make sure to scan in detail so you’re not making any wrong judgments. It’s great to take on a candidate that has a career path and titles that have progressed throughout the years.
  1. If an applicant fails to follow directions, this can invalidate the application. If a job posting asks for a cover letter and resume, it’s essential that a candidate provides a cover letter and resume. You want an applicant that can follow instructions based on the information given. Specifying for certain criteria is allowed and should be followed.

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