Mid-Summer Motorcycle Check List

Mid-Summer Motorcycle Check ListSummer is the perfect time to dust off your bike and spend the day riding in the open air. Bike riding season is upon us and that means you have the opportunity to take all the best routes in the area. Since there is a spike in bike riders in the warmer months, it’s important that you stay safe by performing a mid-summer safety check and by insuring your vehicle with a robust Motorcycle Insurance policy.

According to an article in Paying Too Much, it’s important that you conduct a few routine checks to make sure your bike is ready for the open roads. Here are a few tips to incorporate:

  1. Make sure you check your brakes and lights. This should be the first step before taking your bike for a ride.
  1. Refuel. Drain all the old fuel remnants from the year before and top off with fresh fuel for your motorcycle to keep everything running smoothly.
  1. Check and change the oil at all times.
  1. Keeping your bike in the garage for a long could affect your battery. Charge the battery fully. If the charge isn’t holding, then invest in a new one.
  1. Check tire health including pressure, punctures, tread, etc.

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