When an Employee is Injured : Five Tips on What to Do

When an Employee is Injured Five Tips on What to DoWorkplace-related injuries can happen anywhere, whether at a construction site or in an office.  As a business owner, ensure your business is protected with a New Jersey Workers Compensation policy and heed the following tips in the event of a workplace injury.

According to an article in Business Insurance Quotes, there are five important things you can implement in response to an employee injury:

1. Seek medical attention. Make sure to call 911 if the injury is life-threatening or requires immediate attention. Although not all injuries require immediate emergency care, it’s imperative that you quickly report and respond to the incident to avoid potential lawsuits.

2. Understand your obligations to your employees. Keep in mind that injured employees have a right to file a claim, A form must be provided after they’ve informed you of the accident. Make sure to report the injury to the Workers Compensation insurance company as well.

3. Gather the facts about the accident on record. You should interview witnesses, take photographs, review video footage, and collect any other information that can be used on the claim form.

4. Complete the Employer’s Report of Accident form to cover all your bases. Give to a claims administrator to handle the rest of the details.

5. Stay on top of the claim. It can take up to 90 days for a claims administrator to accept or deny an employee’s claim. Contact medical providers to find out about work restrictions and inform the employee and doctor about light-duty work during the recovery phase.

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