NJ Pre-School Facility Insurance: Keeping Kids Safe

NJ Pre-School Facility Insurance: Keeping Kids Safe NJ Pre-School Facility Insurance Keeping Kids Safe

Pre-school programs seem to be on everyone’s mind this September as the national anxiously watches New York City unveil over eleven hundred free, full-day early-childhood development programs set to begin early this month. An estimated 51 thousand children have been enrolled in the new full-day programs which is nearly twice as many students as last year. While the new school year began without a hitch for most students, there were a few programs and establishments which faced setbacks due to safety concerns and other complications. Nine programs were unable to open after undergoing rigorous inspections by fire, health and NYC Education Department officials. While officials have refrained from releasing the names of specific programs, the have noted that the challenges ranged from health and safety concerns, such as exposed wiring or the presence of rodents, to the financial security of the organization.

Student safety is always a top priority for educational and childcare institutions, but keeping children safe at all times can often be a huge challenge for teachers and childcare providers. Young students can get especially rowdy and rambunctious at times, and as such their safety is not always easy to guarantee. In a world highly prone to litigation, even a small mishap can quickly escalate into a potential hazard for the pre-school program directors and facilities. Even unfounded allegations of negligence, neglect and other wrongdoing can take a heavy toll on an operation. One of the best ways that early childhood education programs can protect themselves and their staff members from the various liability exposures they faces is by obtaining the right insurance.

At Vreeland Insurance, we offer an array of business insurance solutions for New Jersey operations of all types and sizes. Our Pre-School Facility Insurance programs offer comprehensive coverage designed to fit the unique needs of early childhood educators and protects the facility, staff members, and the children under their care. We can help craft a comprehensive portfolio of policies that work together to provide coverage for the many risks that come with the territory, including liability exposures. To learn more about all our risk management solutions, give our NJ Pre-School Facility Insurance specialists a call today at (877) 755-3767. 

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