Why Do Plumbers Need NJ Workers Comp?

Why Do Plumbers Need NJ Workers Comp? Why do Plumbers Need NJ Workers Comp

The supply of fresh, clean water and the removal of  waste are vital to the health and well-being of all civilizations. From the beginnings of irrigation, civilizations have understood the risks involved with separating clean usable water from contamination. To mitigate some of these risks, the Romans utilized aqueduct systems to help limit clean water’s exposure to soil, human and animal waste and other contaminants. They often enclosed their fresh water in pipes made from the common metals of the time, such as lead.  Thousands of years later, modern scientists discovered that the very piping used to protect fresh water from contamination could in fact be causing illness. Lead piping is just one example of how innovation rarely comes without new and unexpected risks.

Today, NJ plumbers work in a variety of settings with a variety of materials, which often exposes them to countless known and still unidentified health and safety hazards. Although the modern plumbing industry works hard to improve not only the health and safety of their workers but also the safety of communities around the world, there are still many common hazards. Understanding the risks faced by the plumbing industry can help business owners and independent plumbers manage their own exposure to all potential hazards that may arise while establishing and maintaining a plumbing system.

Some of the main occupational hazards that all NJ plumbing professionals should be aware of include:

  • Exposure to hazardous substances such as lead, sulfur dioxide, asbestos, mold and chemical compounds.
  • Exposure to Biological hazards when working on sewage pipes or septic tank outlets, or when laying new pipe in soil. This can include exposure to diseases, viruses, and other microorganisms which can be transmitted through human and animal waste.
  • Work related accidents and bodily injuries from their job performance, such as slips or cramps due to lifting, straining and awkward bodily positioning.
  • Working conditions such as high temperatures, heights, and confined spaces.

The plumbing industry faces many unique risk exposures, which can have dramatic impacts on workers and businesses alike. Having a strong New Jersey Workers Compensation program can help minimize the risk exposes plumbers face should a worker suffer from a workplace accident. NJ Workers Comp is designed to help employers provide the proper financial resources to help their workers receive any necessary medical care needed as a result of a workplace accident. At Vreeland Insurance, we understand the risks you and your NJ business face. That’s why we offer a host of business insurance solutions, such as NJ Workers Comp, professional liability and property coverage to help NJ plumbers protect their assets. For more information about our offerings, give us a call today at (877) 755-3767. 

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