New Jersey Liquor Store Insurance Protects Shops

New Jersey Liquor Store Insurance Plans Protect Shops New Jersey Liquor Store Insurance Protects Shops

Owning a liquor store is a notoriously risky business. The late hours of operation mixed with distribution of pricey judgment impairing substances can present an easy target for crime. Early this year police investigated the repeated armed robbery of a Delaware liquor store which has come under attack twice in a month’s time. The robberies that occurred in late December and early January were both committed by two unknown perpetrators brandishing guns to obtain money and cigarettes, which led authorities to assume a connection. The incidents created big problems for the store owners who were left short of income, products and customers due to the business interruption. While physical threats are somewhat inevitable their damage can be mitigated with the right New Jersey liquor store insurance plan.

As if protecting yourself against physical crime wasn’t enough a new form of crime spree is causing headaches for shop-owners across the country large and small. Liquor stores are becoming increasingly susceptible to cyber-crime as well. Lawbreakers are finding new ways to “knock-off” the local liquor store through cyber hacking and security breaches that allow delinquents access to significantly more money than is in your average cash register. A major Texas liquor store chain recently reported a security breach in their cash management system which has exposed their customers to identity theft and personal data leakage. The chain claimed that the cyber interference involves 34 of its small neighborhood stores exposing hundreds of customers to potential information security threats. Cybercrime is rising nationally and can be costly to customers and businesses without proper prevention and recuperation plans. Good cyber liability insurance can help protect your business against information leaks which can leave you and your customers exposed to financial fraud.

At Vreeland Insurance, we understand the exposures and challenges you face, including crime, responsible server practices, and customer employee safety so we strive to help you mitigate or avoid many of the risks your business faces. Our Liquor Store Insurance Program offers the best coverage for your shop, specifically tailored to your business’s needs.  Our Business Insurance policies offer coverage ranging from property and crime to cyber liability policies so that no matter what dangers your shop faces, you can rest assured that your business is protected. Contact us at (877) 755-3767 to see how we can help get you the coverage you need.

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