How to Implement a Wellness Plan for Your Small Business

How to Implement a Wellness Plan for Your Small BusinessHow to Implement a Wellness Plan for Your Small Business

Healthy employees are typically more productive than unhealthy workers, considering they are absent less. This is the biggest benefit to having a wellness plan in your office. One of the main reasons that many small businesses don’t implement a wellness plan is due to lack of funds for such a program. The good news is though; there are wellness program options that won’t break the bank. Don’t let limited resources keep you from starting a program. Here are some low-cost options to ensure that your employees stay healthy.

Online Wellness Programs. There are many apps and sites that allow you to download exercises and exercise timers on your computer. Some of these apps can even remind employees to do desk exercises at certain times, with accompanying videos.

Stress Management Programs. Mental well-being can be just as important as physical well-being. There are many mobile and web apps available for reducing stress, improving sleep, and even counseling. Or if possible, hire a massage therapist from time to time to do 10-minute chair massages for employees at the office.

Incentive Programs.  Some businesses offer perks to encourage healthy living. Is it possible for you to toss in an extra vacation day when employees reach their goal? Perhaps you can even create policies to encourage better habits, such as a wellness subsidy for health activities outside the office.

Health Risk Assessments. You can help your employees identify which unhealthy habits they need to address. It’s a good idea to have a representative from your insurance company or a fitness professional provide blood pressure, body composition, posture, and nutrition assessments.

These are just a few options available for your small business. Other considerations you could make is encouraging short breaks where employees can get up and walk around, and/or  bringing in fitness and health experts to speak to your staff.

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