Morris County Home Insurance: Creating a Disaster Home Inventory List

Morris County Homeowners Insurance: How to Create a Home Inventory ListMorris County Home Insurance: Creating a Disaster Home Inventory List

In Morris County, it seems like the weather is constantly changing and often, a disaster strikes.  Although it is time consuming, creating a home inventory list is easy and worthwhile. The time expended into a creating a list is returned if a disaster were to strike.

New Jersey has a history of several moderate or major hurricanes. The most recent Nor ‘Easter, Hurricane Sandy swept along the country’s eastern shore line this past October. Hurricane Sandy left a considerable mark in New York and New Jersey; high rise buildings, small shops and homes were severely damaged.

As a result of Hurricane Sandy, many didn’t have a business or a home to get back to. A home inventory list protects your possessions from damage caused by a fire, flood or burglary. In addition, this list speeds up an insurance claim process.

Home Inventory List is easily dismissed by the average homeowner’s insurance buyer.  According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), only 59% of consumers have written a list of their possessions.  And of those individuals, only a slight majority has created a proper home inventory; 48% don’t have receipts, 27% don’t have photos and 28% don’t have a backup copy.

Below you will find our simple guide to creating a home inventory list.

Set aside a day dedicated to listing your possessions. Insure that you thoroughly inspected and documented both the inside and outside of your home.  

Create a spreadsheet

  • Check with your homeowners insurance agency for the specifics of your plan.

Stay organized

  • Collect any sales receipts, purchase contracts and appraisals you may have kept.
  • Categorize your spreadsheet by room.
  • Create columns for item description, quantity, model/serial number, year/place purchased and cost.
  • For clothing, create secondary categories for type of clothing (ie. coats)
  • If you possess any big ticket items, ask your agent whether or not you need to purchase a separate policy. (ie. jewelry, art work, wine, high end designer clothing and collectibles)


  • Take pictures of all rooms and belongings.
  • Videotape a walk thru of your home. Don’t forget to list and describe items!


  • Store your home inventory list in different formats. This includes the following:
  • Computer server
  • CD
  • USB drive
  • Written list
  • Online backup service
  • Store the list in a safety box or emergency kit

Let us put together the best possible solution for you at the most competitive price we can find. We work with some of the most respected insurance companies in the country, and once we have your information and the features you want to be included, we can start putting together the right Morris County Home Insurance plan for you. Call us today (877) 755-3767

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