New Jersey Auto Insurance: Texting While Driving Increases

New Jersey Auto Insurance Texting While Driving IncreasesNew Jersey Auto Insurance: Texting While Driving Increases

A large public service campaign has been underway lately to stop people from texting and driving behind the wheel. Celebrities and nonprofits have gotten behind the cause, not to mention it is outright banned. Yet the latest study shows that it’s been increasing, and the laws don’t seem to have had much impact.

A new report from researchers at the West Virginia University School of Public Health asserts the laws probably aren’t having much impact on the number of injuries caused by distracted driving. In 2003, using a phone while driving is estimated to cause over 300,000 injuries annually. Those numbers increased 22 percent in the following four years, and the problem is only expected to worsen.

New Jersey prohibits texting and the use of handheld cell phones for all drivers. New drivers are prohibited from all cell phone use entirely. The only exception is if there is an emergency. Speaker phones, and using a blue tooth or wired headset are legally acceptable alternatives, although studies have made it clear that even using a Bluetooth set can be highly distracting on the road.

The smartphone and app industry is trying to outsmart themselves to avoid the temptation of texting while driving. There are several apps that individuals can use when they are driving that actually restrict them from texting when the vehicle is moving at a certain speed. Only when the vehicle slows down will the app unlock the phone.

Efforts to spread awareness about the dangers of texting and driving are continuing as more and more research highlights the trend’s acute danger.

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