3 Things to consider before opening a social service organization

3 Things to consider before opening a social service organization

3 Things to consider before opening a social service organization

Many Americans are struggling and are in need of help. Fortunately there are also many individuals and groups who have a genuine interest in assisting those in need of unattainable resources and services. The New Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS) serves about 1.5 million residents of New Jersey. With a budget of about 11 billion dollars and over 15,000 employees, DHS continues to dedicate valuable services to ensure a better life for those in need. Social service organizations help all persons; from mental illnesses to low incomes. Since there are many components involved with social service organizations, if you are considering opening a New Jersey social service organization, there are 3 important things to consider.

Type of Services: Due to the broad range of persons in need of services, organizations focus on a specific field.

  • Mental Illness
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Therapy (ie. Anger management and marriage counseling)
  • Financial Aid
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Child Care
  • Veteran Services
  • Legal Assistance
  • Late On-Set Disabilities
  • Catastrophic Illness

Many organization also veer their services towards a specific group of individuals

  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Employment
  • Age

Non-Profit Versus Profit: The decision to be non-profit or for profit heavily relies on how an organization wants to be structured. Due to the nature of social services many are non-profit, as their major focus is improving the daily quality of life for individuals. However for those non-profit organizations, funding is a constant problem. Their funding depends on donations from individuals and government grants. With limited funding, non-profits utilize the money they have available strictly for those individuals in need of their services. For profit organizations are able to utilize their money with more freedom. Unlike non-profit organizations, for profits are able to have paid employees instead of an almost entirely volunteer workforce.

License and Insurance: The state of New Jersey requires a license from all social service organizations. There are also different regulations for each field of specialty. Social service organizations also need to have the proper New Jersey Social Service insurance. New Jersey based company, Vreeland Insurance will be able to provide a comprehensive insurance program.

Our professionals understand your needs, the challenges you face, and are committed to providing you with an insurance program that is designed to meet the special concerns of nonprofit organizations. Contact us for more information about how we can serve your business insurance needs. Call us at 877.755.3767, email us, or return the convenient form on this page.

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