New Jersey Daycare Insurance: Daycare Children More Likely to be Obese

New Jersey Daycare Insurance Children in Daycare More Likely to be ObeseNew Jersey Daycare Insurance: Daycare Children More Likely to be Obese

Daycare is a crucial time in children’s’ lives. Now, some researchers are highlighting the daycare years as a good platform in the fight against obesity.

According to Medical News Today, kids who are placed in daycare are 50 percent more likely to become obese than children who stay at home. The study came from researchers at the University of Montreal and the CHU Sainte-Justine-Hospital Research Center. Children ages 4-10 years who were in a daycare center or with an extended family member were more likely to be overweight or obese.

Children were categorized based on what kind of care they had and where they spent the majority of your time. The top care choices were nanny (5%), extended family member (11%), with their parents (19%), a daycare center (30%), and family daycare (35%).

It was not clear on exactly what factors are behind obesity. The study did focus, however, on the opportunity daycare facilities present in shaping children’s habits.

With a significant portion of children ages 2-6 spending large parts of each day in daycare, what they eat becomes crucially important. A study of childcare programs in Washington and Minnesota found that many children learn food and nutrition habits early, according to USA Today. By educating children on healthy lifestyle habits and teaching them about nutrition helps them to develop the proper habits early on.

Nearly a quarter of U.S. children between the ages of two and five are overweight or obese. The rate is seventeen percent for all children and adolescents in the country.

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