Rockaway Home Insurance: 4 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your Home

Rockaway Home Insurance: 4 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your HomeRockaway Home Insurance: 4 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your Home

Are you trying to sell your home? Curb appeal is one of the most important factors towards developing a lasting impression. Not only is it the first impression to potential home buyers, but it’s also the last impression as they leave your Rockaway home. With these four simple tips, curb appeal can add value to your home, boost appeal, and provide a relatively inexpensive way to makeover your Rockaway home. These tips are provided by Vreeland Rockaway Home insurance programs. Give us a call today for a free quote – (973) 334-7100

Here are some tips you can act on now to improve your home’s first impression.

Landscaping. No need to completely re-do your entire gardening strategy. By cleaning up and simplifying your front garden, potential buyers can better imagine that use of space. Try adding some brightly colored flowers, trim your trees and weed out your garden beds periodically.

Take a walk. How would a potential buyer view your home? Go outside and take a look from their point of view. What is the first thing you notice? Are there any eyesores available? Patches of brown grass? Chipping paint? The small things wrong with your front yard is what buyers will notice. This will also give them an overall view of how well you take care of your home.

Your front door. Does your door blend in with the rest of your home? A newly painted front door can help break up the front of your home. When deciding on a color, try bright contrasting colors. You’re your front door is hinged and dried, try adding potted plants, or a table and chair around the door; this is a great way to further add a warm touch to your front porch.

Don’t forget the little things. Although not the most obvious thing, lighting makes a big difference. A well lit house can give help spark imagination for potential buyers. Look for neutral lighting fixtures to complement the appliances around the house. Simple accent lighting, such as pendant lighting, sconces & under cabinet fixtures will light up the dark corners of your home.

Owning a New Jersey home is one of the most important goals we all have during our lifetime. It’s where we raise our families, and share a lifetime of experiences. It represents our hard work and for many of us it’s one of our most significant assets. Having the right Rockaway home insurance coverage with a firm that “gets” what it means to protect your assets and family’s nest is key. At Vreeland, we understand this and provide Rockaway homeowners insurance to many communities throughout New Jersey.

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