New Jersey Vision Insurance: Common Vision Misconceptions

New Jersey Vision Insurance: Common Vision MisconceptionsNew Jersey Vision Insurance: Common Vision Misconceptions

While there are a plethora of vision problems, a prevalent condition is myopia. Myopia is an inability to see objects from a far distance and it accounts for 30% of America’s vision problems. With a percentage as high 30%, there has been multiple myths and misconceptions. Myopia often develops in younger children and it continues to grow until you are in your mid 20’s. These school children are frequently bombarded with myths that their parents and peers have told them to be true. These theories have not been scientifically proven therefore labeling them as myths. Here are four common vision misconceptions. This post is brought to you by Vreeland New Jersey vision insurance.

  1. Sitting too close to the television screen and prolonged staring at the computer screen contributes to poor vision. Although your eyes may get tired or dry, there is no direct correlation between the distance you are from the television and your vision. The only conditions you might develop are eye strain and a stiff neck.
  2. There is not any scientific evidence that proves reading in the dark worsens your vision. Even though it is recommended to read in the light, it is simply so you are able to see what you are reading.
  3. Another common misconception is eating carrots will either improve your vision or cure any current eye conditions. Although carrots do have a significant amount of Vitamin A and beta carotene, it will not cure any type of vision ailment.
  4. Your vision inevitable worsens with age. This term is referred to as Presbyopia (Old Age Sight). Many believe that once you reach a certain age your sight will worsen and will have to resort to wearing eye glasses. While there is no direct correlation between vision and age, there is a correlation between vision and how we take care of our bodies. The elderly are known to develop vision problem because they did not properly take care of their bodies throughout all those years. This development is not because they have lived longer. However, many do develop Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) in which the central part of the tissue that lines the retina gradually starts to damage.  Developing AMD makes it more difficult to read fine print and tasks involving central and detail vision. However, AMD does not simply occur because of age, possible causes are smoking, family history, and obesity.

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