New Jersey Business Insurance: How to Foster Creativity in the Office

New Jersey Business Insurance - Creative Office SpaceNew Jersey Business Insurance: How to Foster Creativity in the Office

Due to the dramatic shift in the workforce and in technology there has been a rise in the “mobile workforce.” These new work at home employees believe that they are more productive in an office space that allows them to channel their creativity and imagination. The new office nurtures a community-like environment where all employees despite their position will be able to interact and collaborate with another. In New Jersey businesses, the new office is a well known trend among many companies. This post is provided by Vreeland New Jersey business insurance programs. Give us call and today for a free quote -1 (877) 755-3767

Is your office killing collaboration, communication & production?

This new type of office space eliminates the traditional white walls and cubicles and proposes the integration of a term called ‘hot-desking.” This new office means that there will more open spaces such as conference rooms, casual seating and cafes. These open spaces encourage growth, collaboration, and creativity. It is believed this new office arrangement correlates production level to comfort level. Hot-desking creates a flexible and casual environment, in which a singular open space is enveloped in couches, tables, and seats. The new office design encompasses four elements; socialization, focus space, collaboration room, and the learning area.

Why should a business convert to the new office?

Not every company is fit for hot-desking. The companies that will benefit from hot-desking do not require all employees to be in the office at the same time nor do they require their employees to be present in the office all day.

Hot-desking eliminates a substantial amount of square footage (30%) alleviating a substantial amount of cost. This is especially advantageous when employees frequently leave the office for business meetings or project site visits.

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