Day Care Insurance: Choosing a Daycare Center

Day Care Insurance Choosing a Daycare CenterDay Care Insurance: Choosing a Daycare Center

When choosing a day care many parents have a difficult time finding that “right” day care for their child. After all, they are giving someone else the responsibility of ensuring that their child is safe and happy. There are many types of day care; in-home, pre-school and center-based care. Before choosing a type of care, sort out your family and child’s individual needs.

Write down a list of priorities and ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of person would you trust to care for your child?
  • Do you want individualized care or would you prefer them to interact with other children?
  • Does your child have any special health needs?

What to look for in a day care:

Reputation: When shopping around for the right day care, observe the environment, is it nurturing, and are they generally welcoming and adhere to providing a friendly atmosphere. If possible approach current parents whose child is in that day care and ask them for advice. You may also ask trusted friends and family for any recommendations.

Established rules: Ask them for a written policies document and be sure they are organized.

  • What is their illness policy? Do they require the children to get immunization shots before day care enrollment?
  • Have they constructed a safety plan for emergencies? Are they stocked up with bandages, ointments, etc?
  • Do they encourage their staff to be sanitary and wear gloves? Are the toys sanitized? If so, how often?
  • Consider their open door policy, good day care centers encourage parents to visit and help with activities or attend field trips.

Curriculum: Look for day cares with a structured schedule plan that include a wide range of activities such as physical activities, nap time, and craft time. Ensure that they encourage creativity, development, and imagination. Day cares that carry a variety of toys and educational videos encourage children to interact with others. Review their menu; are the meals nutritious, and do they consider a child’s food allergies?

Staff: The best New Jersey daycare centers have qualified and experienced caregivers. These caregivers should have the knowledge and ability to care for children of all ages. Also check if the facility has a consistent staff and are reputable to having a drastic turnover rate.

License: Before choosing a day care facility, make sure that they insured and licensed. A good day care has also met their state’s specific licensing requirements for health and safety.

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