4 Reasons Why Reading to Your Child is Important

4 Reasons Why Reading to Your Child is Important4 Reasons Why Reading to Your Child is Important

When we live in a world occupied by an abundance of brilliant authors, being exposed to how they think and how they write is very valuable. However, according to the National Education Association (NEA), the amount of books being read a year declines when an individual ages. In fact, less than a majority of high school students read ten or more books per year. America overlooks the power of literacy. Reading empowers, educates and encourages creativity in individuals. Reading is a habit that should be lifelong and it should start at a young age. Exposing young children and even babies to a rich literacy environment is beneficial in many ways, if not all aspects of life. Here are four reasons why reading to your child is important.

Why Reading to Your Child is Important – Exposure to the English language: Reading to a small child or a couple months old baby introduces them to the basic fundamental of the English language, such as comprehension, letter knowledge, and vocabulary. Upon reading to your child they will learn to slowly mirror your words and will begin to enunciate letter names and different sounds.

Why Reading to Your Child is Important – Future academic excellence: A study done at Rhode Island Hospital compared two different sample groups of eight month old babies; group one was read to often, group two was not. They measured the number of words they understand since they were born and group one’s increased by 40%, while group two only increased by 16%.

Studies have shown that toddlers who are exposed to language read to them often do better in preschool. These toddlers also do better in latter grades due to their ability to comprehend mathematical, scientific, and social concepts.

Why Reading to Your Child is Important – Stronger relationship with parents: When you are reading to your baby you are creating a bond based on nurture and intimacy.

Why Reading to Your Child is Important – Enhances exposure to life skills, such as logical thinking, communication, concentration, and discipline: Reading to your child exposes them to different colors, shapes, objects, relationship, and situations that they will be able to utilize when they are older. Your child will eventually start to understand different situations that are illustrated in books and learn to apply that to their own life. They are able establish connections between different scenarios, which will help them build logical thinking. When you are reading to your child it takes a lot of patience for them to sit still for long periods of time. However, if they are exposed to this at an early age they will be able to acquire longer attention spans and self-discipline. All of these skills will help them throughout the rest of their life.

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