Construction Insurance: Marketing your Construction Business on Yelp

Construction Insurance: Marketing your Construction Business on YelpConstruction Insurance: Marketing your Construction Business on Yelp

Construction is one of the most competitive industries because service isn’t the only rating factor. Whether you are a contractor, HVAC or plumber, Yelp can help your business grow. Currently Yelp boasts over 78 monthly unique viewers and over 30 million reviews. Here are some construction marketing tips for your New Jersey Business

Don’t leave review sites to the reviewers. User review sites have huge potential for businesses.  Don’t leave marketing opportunities left to the dust. For businesses who don’t claim their page, your business will not show up in the results, and will result in no reviews.

Evaluate your online presence. Ask every prospect how they found you. By doing so, you can learn what medium best generates leads for your New Jersey construction business. Keep track of what leads came from referrals, websites, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. Considering Social media? Sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn can help you build an online presence that engages customers and keeps them connect to your business.

For contractors, Yelp should be an extremely important element to your marketing plan. Referrals and customer reviews are essential to getting new clients for contractors.

Here are a few basic tips to get you started.  To claim your page as an owner, you can “unlock” your business page by filling out a few short forms and accepting a confirmation phone call to your business. After that, update your profile with your business location, website, description, and photos. Put the Yelp “badge” on your website, so customers can easily access your page and post reviews. The more activity you get on your site, the more your company will come up in the rankings.

At Vreeland, we’ll help you with loss prevention and risk management techniques to assist in stemming losses and keeping your premiums down for your Construction Business. Vreeland provides New Jersey Construction Insurance to Electricians, Plumbers, Landscape Contractors, HVAC Contractors & Masonry Contractors.  Our staff will help you evaluate your risks. Give us a call today, (877) 755-3767

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