New Jersey Property Owners Guide to Preventive Maintenance

New Jersey Property Owners Guide to Preventive MaintenanceNew Jersey Property Owners Guide to Preventive Maintenance

Inspecting your property regularly and mending minor issues can save yourself and your tenants inconvenience and huge expenses in the long run. This post is brought to you by Vreeland New Jersey Property Owners Insurance.

Repainting.  A new coat of paint can help extend your property’s life. Do some research to find out which is best for different rooms in and outside your property. For example, eggshell paint can help seal against moisture in bathrooms. Don’t wait until the paint starts cracking to repaint.

Pest prevention. Extermination, especially for large buildings, can be costly. In extreme cases, you could end up absorbing costs of moving tenants and even a potential blow to your business’ reputation Inspect your property every few months for signs of infestation. Check with your tenants regularly to make sure they haven’t noticed any signs. It is much better to do routine maintenance now to save costs in the long run. For more information on extermination, check out this How Get Rid of Bugs Guide.

Water. Check pipes and faucets regularly for leaks to avoid mold growth and any wall or ceiling damage. Also check under the sink and toilet, and around windows and doors to make sure nothing is sneaking in.

Talk to tenants. Walk around your building. Check in with tenants at least everything week, even if it’s just to say hi. Walking through their leases will give you a better assessment of what’s going on, and your tenants are usually more likely to communicate with you if they know you and see you on a regular basis. You can avoid learning about situations too late and save yourself and your tenants a lot of headaches and extensive costs.

As a New Jersey business and property owner, you know how important it is to protect your investment with an insurance plan that takes into consideration the exposures your property faces.  At Vreeland, we specialize in providing our clients throughout New Jersey with insurance solutions that address the risks business owners face when they purchase New Jersey property owners insuranceContact us today for more information about our New Jersey property owners insurance programs.

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