New Jersey Auto Insurance: Enforcing Teen Driving Safety

New Jersey Auto Insurance: Enforcing Teen Driving SafetyNew Jersey Auto Insurance: Enforcing Teen Driving Safety

It’s both an exciting rite of passage and a parent’s nightmare to see their child cruising off behind the wheel for the first time. And their concern is not without good reason. This post is provided by Vreeland New Jersey Auto Insurance.

According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes are by far the leading cause of death among people 13-19 years old. Crash rates for young drivers are particularly high during the first months of licensure- the crash rate per mile for 16-19 year olds is four times as high as for drivers 20 and older.

Their immaturity and lack of experience behind the wheel makes it difficult to recognize and respond to hazards. Many initiate some of the hazards themselves, either speeding or distraction/inattention caused by loud music, cell phones, or other in car distractions.

Increasingly, states are passing legislation to reduce this risk and better prepare teen drivers for the road. According to the New York Times, fifteen states and the District of Columbia now prohibit teens from driving with another teenager. All but seven forbid them from driving with more than one passenger. Curfews are enforced- teens can’t drive after 6 pm in the winter, and in Idaho they can’t drive from sundown to sunup.

New Jersey has the nation’s highest licensing age at 17. Lawmakers are also requiring them to attach a red decal to their license plate to make it easier for the police to enforce a curfew and passenger restrictions.

These graduated driving restrictions, requiring teen drivers to gain more experience before being allowed to drive whenever and with whomever they want. Studies have shown that the restrictions can reduce crash risk of young teenagers by 10-30%.

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