Daycare Insurance: The Benefits of Healthy Food Guidelines

Daycare Insurance: The Benefits of Healthy Food GuidelinesDaycare Insurance: The Benefits of Healthy Food Guidelines

As a daycare provider, you know the importance of developing healthy habits at an early age. There have been multiple movements in all grade levels across the nation banning soda and providing more healthy fare. But rarely do you get to see the effects later on in life when working with children so young. Now, studies have emerged that show stringent health guidelines help lower childhood obesity rates. This post is provided by Vreeland New Jersey Daycare Insurance.

According to the New York Times, a study published in Pediatrics found a strong association between healthier weight and tough state laws regulating food in vending machines, snack bars and other venues that were not part of the regular school meal programs. Obese fifth graders who lived in states with stronger laws were more likely to reach a healthy weight by the eighth grade than those living in states with no laws.

The study stopped short of saying stronger laws are directly responsible for better outcomes- it said that they tended to happen in states with stronger laws. The research shows the importance of providing varied healthy fare to jumpstart healthy habits that children will continue for the rest of their life. From large scale policy changes to altering the daily menu at your daycare, more and more research is emerging to support the benefits of implementing healthy dietary guidelines.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about a fifth of American children are obese. Daycares licensed by the state must follow specific standards for what is included in meals and snacks- the standards generally reflect the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines and use the food group system for menu planning (Yahoo).

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