Cleaning Service Insurance: Commercial Cleaning Myths Debunked

Cleaning Service Insurance: Commercial Cleaning Myths DebunkedCleaning Service Insurance: Commercial Cleaning Myths Debunked


Cleaning & Maintenance Online debunks common cleaning myths, emphasizing quality and cleanliness of a commercial cleaning company. This post is presented by Vreeland Cleaning Service Insurance.

Everyone knows how to clean. It is easily assumed that since cleaning staff cleans their own houses, they should know how to clean. This is a naïve assumption. The step-by-step procedures, and wide range of areas and environments that professional facilities include make it far more complex than cleaning at home. Consistent feedback and education are key to ensure cleaning staff is properly trained to effectively and efficiently reduced germs and thoroughly clean the environment.

Employees know what is expected of them. This is a common managerial myth. It is a mistake to assume employees know exactly what is expected of them without proper communication. If tasks, goals, and duties are clearly lined out, and the employee knows what they are doing, they will complete their tasks more efficiently.

It looks clean, so it must be. Aesthetically, you may be right, but the goal of any professional cleaning service should be to remove all soils that that providing a breeding ground for germs, not just visible dirt and smudges. Effective cleaning routines should also include disinfection, as well as cleaning.

A general multipurpose cleaner will disinfect. Standard multipurpose cleaners are not always enough. Look for cleaning products that feature hospital-grade disinfectants- they have been formulated to remove a broad range of target soils and disinfect simultaneously. They can help cleaning staffs improve cleaning effectiveness and help efficiency.

Spray, wipe & done. Simply spraying and immediately wiping a surface is not enough to thoroughly disinfect the surface. Disinfecting cleaners must be left on surfaces for a prescribed amount time order to destroy bacteria and viruses and viruses. Especially with high contact areas such as doorknobs, tables, and faucets, it is crucial to follow each label’s product instructions.

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