Food Wholesaler Insurance: Intelligent Food Labels

Food Wholesaler InsuranceRestrictions and requirements on food are much more stringent. Consumers are increasingly demanding to know more about food sources. Free-range, sustainable, organic; new buzzwords have entered the food industry’s conversation. And the technology is following suit.

Thinflim Electronics announced a deal with U.S. packaging giant Bemis Co. to create a printed electronics system for consumer product, healthcare and food companies, according to Forbes. Thinfilm has been working on low-cost sensor tags containing rewritable memory that can be placed on anything- from a bunch of bananas to a bottle of pills. The tags can collect various types of information, from the environmental conditions the fruit has passed through, to how long it took to travel from the factory to the distribution outlet.

The system would allow companies to tag, track, and collect information wirelessly about products they ship. CEO of Thinfilm Davor Sutija discussed the implications:

“When you have an integrated system that is providing sensing and intelligence to the package, you’re adding value that makes that package more valuable…It is going to create much better user confidence that the products are of optimal quality. It will be a differentiator for those who use these packages.”

The technology has specific potential for perishable products. The labels can be placed on nearly any surface, and ideally will prevent any ill effects of iffy storage conditions or food poising. Thinfilm expects the labels to appear on foods in 2014.

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