Cleaning Service Insurance: Cleaning Supplies More Aromatic

Cleaning Service Insurance: Cleaning Supplies More AromaticCleaning Service Insurance: Cleaning Supplies More Aromatic

Cleaning supplies are typically more pungent and nose-cringing than aromatic. Bleach, vinegar, acidic based, they are meant to harshly scrub surfaces clean, with little attention paid to their scent. However, refutes this idea. Here are some of the latest trends in cleaning products.

Scent trends have overtaken cleaning supplies. Gone are the limiting choices of lemon or pine. People are imbuing their homes with the essence of ginger and hibiscus- all while scrubbing the kitchen counter. According to the Wall Street Journal, the packaged-goods makers, in their endless hunt for the next great product, are ramping up the complexity offered in cleaning product fragrances.

Scents previously limited to the perfume counter at Macy’s can now be found under the kitchen sink. Windex’s Magic Meadow scent smells like “fresh greens, morning dew, and white jasmine.” Mr. Clean claims “ferns, forests, and glacier-carved waterfalls.” Everything from ginger to basil, jasmine, and even banana are being incorporated into your classic cleaning supplies.

Chemistry breakthroughs have allowed developers to imbue the same scent across different products. Following perfume, fresh scents are now available in a huge array of products from soaps to room fresheners, laundry products, dish soap, and now cleaners.

The new luxurious scents are accompanied by updated, more sophisticated names. Fragrances that incorporate texture in their names, such as Donna Karan’s popular “Cashmere Mist,” tend to be more popular. In cleaners, common names such as “Berry Burst” are mirroring the trend, replaced by “Velvet Raspberry,” says Steve Nicoll, an International Flavors & Fragrances senior perfumer.

The appeal is not only to freshen the smell of your home, but to liven up the cleaning process as well. As consumer Karen Adams, who uses lavender scented cleaners, told the Wall Street Journal, “Cleaning is such a mundane task and not anything I love doing, I try to find any way to make it more pleasant.”

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