Risk Management: NYC Crane Owner Cleared of Charges

Risk Management: NYC Crane Owner Cleared of ChargesThe owner of the crane that killed two people nearly four years ago in Manhattan was cleared of all charges.  James F. Lomma and his companies were declared not guilty on all four charges, including second-degree manslaughter.

A tower crane collapsed four years ago on May 30, 2008 just months after another fatal crane accident on the East Side of Manhattan. The verdict comes on a wave of crane accidents in recent New York history, the last deadliest one being in mid April, according to the New York Times.

The accidents are unavoidably tragic, for the victims, their family, and everyone involved. There has been a huge amount of press regarding safety regulations in the construction industry; everyone from the equipment operations, to repair and maintenance staff, to the CEO’s, contractors, and city officials have been blamed for the string of crane accidents.

The construction industry faces a unique set of risks and exposures unlike any other industry. Equipment malfunction, deaths, physical liability all are huge risk factors when running a construction business. And subsequent tangled investigations, lawsuits and cases to determine what caused the accidents are and urgent reminder for construction companies to get extensive coverage.

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