NJ Construction Insurance: Construction Marketing Tips

NJ Construction Insurance: Construction Marketing TipsAs a contractor, it is crucial to develop and maintain a marketing plan for your business. Darren Slaughter, an online consultant specializing in contractors website design and tips, gave an overview of the best marketing tips Contractors should be employing.

Evaluate & improve. Take a look at your current website, your truck decals, your ads. Is your logo well designed and cohesive? Does the overall look show you as the polished professional you are? Take the time to upgrade your logo and ads to stay current.

The written word, online. A great way to build your brand is to provide tips and resources. Start a blog, updating it with tips, industry guidelines, anything you think will be relevant to your customer. Encourage a dialogue. Start a Q&A forum online, or offer to write an advice column in your local newspaper. Answer basic DIY questions from readers and improve your branding. If you are viewed as an figure with expertise in the area, then clients will come to you when it is time for home repair.

Be involved. Sponsor a local little league team or Girl Scout troop. Volunteer for local community events. It will get your face out there, build credibility, and help your networking efforts in the community. Keep your business card on hand too, just in case.

In a final note, there is this phrase: “Be a customer service company that does home improvement.” Current customers should always be your first priority. They can be a great source of advertising and can bring in business in the future.

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