New Jersey Pre-school Insurance: Future Job Training?

New Jersey Pre-school Insurance: Future Job Training?New Jersey Pre-school Insurance

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, finger-painting, block building, and your ABC’s are all the skills you need to determine a successful career and New Jersey Pre-school Insurance can help insure that your students start off right. Rather than a stellar resume, the building blocks of your career begin with, well building blocks and Legos.

More and more research and experts are advocating preschool as crucial to young children’s development and their success later in life. Dr. Celia Ayala, chief executive officer of Los Angeles Universal Preschool, discussed the benefits of preschool:

“When they enter kindergarten ready to thrive with all the social, emotional and cognitive skills, they perform at grade level or above,” she said. “When they don’t, that’s where that achievement gap starts.”

Claims even include that those with a preschool education are more likely to go to a university, have a graduate education, and enjoy a higher income level. When examining the achievement gap between those who succeed in school and those who are left behind, some policy makers see establishing universal preschools as a way to even the playing field, no matter the background or socioeconomic status.

Currently, fewer than half of U.S. kids go to preschool. The rest typically stay home with parents or caretakers. Preschool isn’t mandatory, and private ones can rack up thousands of dollars a month in tuition. France has joined the preschool wave; they offer free public preschools called “l’ecole maternelle” from the age of three. In Manhattan, NY, competition is fierce for preschool and early education, some listing two year wait-lists

Early education is a crucial topic; Parents entrust their precious little bundle to your pre-school or day care facility. Knowing that your operation has a robust Child Care Insurance Plan helps them feel much more secure in leaving their children in your custody. This is where Vreeland Insurance comes in. We’ve been providing New Jersey pre-school insurance for pre-schools and day care facilities with competitively priced insurance plans for many years. Contact us today for more information.

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