HVAC Contractors: HVAC Excellence Conference Recap

HVAC Contractors: HVAC Excellence Conference RecapOver 500 HVAC industry professionals attended HVAC Excellence, the national HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference last month according to contractormag.com. The conference hosted nearly 40 sessions on a variety of topics from sustainable technologies to soft skills training and customer relations.

The HVACR industry is expected grow substantially by an additional 33.7% by 2020 where the rest of occupations in the U.S. is only project to grow by 14.3%.

The conference also focused on sustainability in the HVAC industry. With many technicians nearing retirement and a new wave joining the workforce, the Executive Director of the Green Mechanical Council Steven H. Allen discussed the need to train technicians in sustainable methods. In particular, he stressed the importance of bridging the generation gap between older technicians and the newest generation, both in training and technology.

“Instructors now need to go back and look at curriculums, sustainable technologies need to be incorporated,” said Allen. “The younger generation has grown up in a digital age. Now we have students that are not familiar with using tools, so we also need to go back to the basics.”

Other topics stressed the importance of soft skills and customer relations and satisfaction. Things like no company name on a truck, how the technician was dressed (no uniform), driving on the lawn, parking in the driveway and sitting in the truck after arriving all affect a customer’s perception and satisfaction.

HVAC Excellence is a not-for-profit organization that works to improve competency in the technical education process. For more information, see www.hvacexcellence.org.

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