New Jersey Business Insurance: Tech Knowledge is a Job Requirement

New Jersey Business Insurance: Tech Knowledge is a Job RequirementTechnology has been incorporated into nearly every niche and industry. Co-workers in every corner of the globe can work together in teams through Skype. We can transfer money between accounts from our phone, and can deposit checks without ever stepping near an ATM.

Tech knowledge is more than just a competitive edge in the workplace; it’s a requirement. It has created an entirely new vocabulary, as Facebook, HTML5, SEO, and countless more acronyms permeate our everyday language. Just as companies continually evolve and adapt, employees must follow suit. Harvard Business Review contributor Daniel Gulati argues several points on why you should care about the difference between SEO and SEM.

New opportunities for growth. Entirely new sectors of the workplace have been created to supplement the technology leap. A few years ago, social media had no spot in the workplace. Now, according to the article, 67% of surveyed brand managers were planning to launch social media campaigns in the next 12 months. Companies are recruiting candidates solely to develop social media campaigns. It’s a burgeoning opportunity for the savvy job seekers to capitalize on a new job market niche.

Traditional roles likely to gain technological components. HR professionals who don’t utilized LinkedIn or BranchOut may lose out on some great candidates. Writers who don’t develop blogs or utilize online media outlets might never get their work out there. As the technology expands in each niche, the parameters of even traditional jobs will grow to encompass new technology.

Not tech savvy quite yet? There are a million of opportunities to learn. There are multiple classes around the New Jersey area that you can take to better acquaint yourself with what’s out there. Even if you just learn the jargon associated with social media, or a few old tricks in HTML coding, you’ll be able to more easily adjust to new technology and learn it as it comes. You’ll be better prepared. Check out some local computer classes offered in Morris County; Morris County Library has a list of local classes that cover everything from intro to the internet to web design.

Even with all the technology out there, you still want to know your business is protected. Vreeland is an independent agency that gives you clear-cut advantages when you’re looking to purchase insurance New Jersey Business Insurance. We don’t work with just one insurance company… we have strong relationships with a number of leading carriers that allows us to find the best insurance solution at competitive rates for you. Contact us today for more information.

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