New Jersey Auto Insurance: Interest in Electric Cars Increasing

New Jersey Auto Insurance: Interest in Electric Cars IncreasingElectric cars aren’t exactly the norm, but they have been gaining in popularity. From GM’s Chevy Volt, to the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Roadster, more and more electric vehicles are hitting the road, and New Jersey is no exception. In a meet-up in Montclair, NJ, electric car drivers got together to show off their wheels, and were met by curious onlookers.

New Jersey has responded to the electric car movement. Montclair, where the drivers gathered, offers public charging stations and many New Jersey government agencies have been experimenting with official cars that are gas free, according to In Trenton, the Board of Public Utilities voted this month to spend Federal Recovery Act money on two new electric cars for use by the Governor’s and Treasurer’s offices- the plan is to test electric vehicles to see if they’ll meet the needs of the motor pool.

In addition, Gov. Chris Christie had just returned from a visit to Israel- while he was there he stopped at Better Place, an electric car charging company. Better Place is creating charging stations where electric cars can get a fresh battery swapped faster than it takes to fill up your tank.

The electric cars still remain popular among early adopters, however interest is gaining. Prices for the various models range across the board. Luxury speedster Tesla created the top of the line Roadster; the vehicle boasts 245 miles per charge, goes from zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds, and boasts zero tailpipe emissions.  It also carries a hefty price tag of 100,000.

Other models have slightly more reasonable price tags. The Nissan Leaf starts at 35,200, Ford has a Focus Electric at 39,200, and Mitsubishi I starts at 29,125. Other models offer plug-in hybrids that run on gas as well- Clean Fleet has a list of the top electric cars.

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