NJ Pre-School Insurance: How to Start Your Own Day Care Business

NJ Pre-School Insurance: How to Start Your Own Day Care BusinessYou love kids. You want to work from home, or you want open your own center. Whatever way you choose, opening a daycare is a great business venture. Below are some tips to help new daycare owners get started as well as tips for current owners to continually improve their business.

Licensing & Location.  The licensing process varies by state. There are lower overhead costs for having a daycare at home. Daycare owners need to pass an inspection and may have to outfit their house with childproof equipment, age appropriate toys, or get extra liability and home insurance.

Establish written policies & procedures. Even you’ve already been in the daycare business for a few years, or are just starting out, it is important to set guidelines and policies to run your business by. The written policies can help prevent future conflicts. Billing, operating hours, drop-offs/pick-ups, attendance, discipline, food preparation, nap times, childcare philosophy, sick days/vacation and safety and security issues should all be addressed in your guidelines and communicated clearly to parents.

Marketing. Develop a marketing plan to generate business for your daycare. Establish a professional website; it’s the first impression prospective parents will get of how you run your business. Websites should feature a clean and organized style, clear navigation, a bright color scheme and a visually appealing logo. You should also add your daycare to local daycare listings in the area. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can be great marketing tools, and you can use them to communicate with parents.

A great insurance plan. Most importantly, you want to get the extensive protection your business deserves. Your parents entrust you with their kids. And whether you work from home or have your own center, you want the best protection for your business. It’s reassuring to your parents and a great resource for you know you have an extensive Child Care Insurance Plan.

This is where Vreeland Insurance enters. We’ve been providing daycare insurance in New Jersey for pre-schools and day care facilities with competitively priced insurance plans for many years. Our specialty in this industry has led us to design excellent programs for profit and non-profit day care businesses based in corporate-provided care centers, nursery schools, and other standalone child-care setups. Let us take care of you while you take care of the little ones. Contact us for more information.

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