New Jersey Business Insurance: Why Teams Succeed (and others don’t)

New Jersey Business Insurance: Why Teams Succeed (and others don't)Whether you own your own a new jersey residential or commercial cleaning business. You run a daycare in Rockaway, NJ. You’re a contractor managing multiple projects at one time. Regardless of your industry, most businesses are defined in teams.

Whether horizontal or vertical in structure, a two-man operation or built within large corporations, teams are an integral part of company culture. Some have been wildly successful; others not so much. It’s also a subject that has been studied tirelessly.

According to research, the key detail to successful teams is not a lottery winning combination of creativity and stellar employees. Rather, research suggests it is how teams are managed and supported that makes a key difference. The Harvard Business Review narrowed down a few key characteristics to be aware of when managing your team.

Management’s happy medium. The traditional boss role can be akin to micro-management, telling teams what and how to complete their tasks. A hands-off policy confuses a team, leaving them with little direction. Instead, balance is key. “What we encourage [managers] to do is start off very slowly and keep the boundaries pretty tight,” says Tom Ruddy, a former manager at Xerox Worldwide Customer Services. “As the team starts to grow and expand, and take on responsibility, start moving those boundaries out.”  

Clearly define objectives.  Set distinct goals for your team. Establish metrics along the way so individuals both their progress and the team’s.  Employees should know exactly what the team goal is and their role in achieving that goal. It creates a dynamic within the group, each beholden to each other to achieve one end result.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to oversee the functionality of your teams to make sure they perform. Managing, mediating, encouraging and guiding; the success of teams in the workplace can determine the success of your business. Whether you’re in construction or daycare, your business deserves the best protection

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