Employee Benefits: Healthy Work-Life Balance Optimizes Productivity

Employee Benefits Plan: Work-Life BalanceThe work-life balance issue is easily ignored.  It’s not quite intuitive with our common sense (what do you mean working 70 hours can actually be less productive than 40 hours?), and it’s one that doesn’t always place high in a company’s priority list. Yet the basic tenet of the work-life balance issue is important; happier employees make more productive employees.

Work-life balance is the seesaw of a balancing act an individual must maintain between work and their personal life. This can be a young professional balancing time between their first job and happy hours with friends, or a working mom managing both her career and nightly soccer practices.

According to research by the Center for Talent Innovation (the nonprofit think tank formerly known as the Center for Work-Life Policy) 45% of managerial workers in large corporations now have “extreme jobs,” working an average of 73 hours a week and dealing with performance pressures ranging from 24/7 client demands or relentless travel schedules. Vacations are stigmatized, and nearly 60% don’t even take the vacation they are entitled to. The high pressure, extreme hours at work and utter exhaustion can hurt an individual’s health, and can have detrimental effects on relationships with spouses and loved ones.

Granted, this research focuses on the extreme.  Most of us do not work 70-80 hour work weeks. The purpose of presenting this research is not to chastise employers into advocating 12 weeks of mandatory paid vacation for each and every employee. However the basic lesson is the same.  Employees who feel like they are being taken care of will multiply their response back to the company tenfold.  They will feel appreciated, be proud of their workplace, and are more likely to stay for a long period of time, and will generally be happier, more productive employees. Companies will have lower turnover rates and can save time and resources in not having to repeatedly recruit and train new hires.

So start simple.  Take care of your employees’ general health and well-being.  Call the experts at Vreeland Insurance– we help New Jersey business owners to determine the best Employee Benefits plans for them. Most healthcare policies cover ongoing costs for doctor and hospital care, emergency rooms, prescriptions, lab tests, preventive care and more. The Employee Benefits Plan we recommend to you may well be different from the one we recommend to another business in your community. It depends upon your employees’ needs, their family or business situation, and their budget.

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