Workers Compensation: Temporary and Holiday Labor Increases

With the holidays around the corner you might need extra help. Hiring seasonal temps and part time workers is very common, and due to the demand of personnel for the work to be completed on time, you might have to hire faster than the normal HR process could handle.

With that in mind, you’re going to need protection for your business. Sometimes the employee you hire isn’t the person you thought. It’s hard knowing whether or not at an interview or hiring session demonstrates that applicants full character, let alone accident prone.

The only way to protect you from the workplace accidents is worker’s compensation coverage. The coverage will provide you the financial resources to cover lost wages due to inability of work to death benefits.

So yes, falling off the ladder hanging the Christmas lights will be covered. Along with everything that is related to work that caused injury and expenses towards the person or your business. Vreeland specializes in New Jersey commercial worker’s compensation insurance.

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