Flood Insurance: New Jersey’s Flooding Problem

New Jersey Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance: New Jersey’s Flooding Problem

New funding has been passed for residents of Somerset and other counties of New Jersey to fight the future impact of floods. By studying the flood and patterns for additional protection, a better insight may be revealed which will lead to a better solution. Raritan Rivers Flood Control Commission and the establishment body of New Jersey will receive additional aide from the government.

Manville, Millstone, Rocky Hill, South Bound Brook and the townships of Bridgwater, Franklin and Hillsborough are investigating into similar flood research effort.

The goal of the program is to collect, study, and share data of floods. The commission will also seek federal and state grants, coordinate flood cleanup, and provide information and literature.

A similar commission was started in Green Brook after monitoring their actions and watching their success. Manville Administrator, Gary Garwacke decided it was time to take action. Garwacke states that “All of New Jersey seems to deal with flooding issues.” 1,000 homes alone were affected in Manville from hurricane Irene.

There is a small fee attached for administrative and personnel fees. The fees are $250 each town and $5000 as a county. Once the commission is established with participating and paid surrounding towns, a representative program will developed. Included in this committee are regular meetings with all the towns’ representatives to develop same common goal of protecting the safety of the community, and property of the residents.

Mayor Brian Gallagher of Sommerville has made it clear that he wants Community Members to head these committees. Garwacke stated there is ongoing effort to repair rivers in the area. To fix the problem, Gawacke has brought in scientists and engineers to consult the issue. Congress originally planned to fund $6 million but efforts have only reached $2 million. This plan started in 2002 and should have only lasted 3 years; however because of lack of funds, studies have drastically slowed. This commission will help oversee and provide additional funding for projects related and similar to this one.

“We need to know what can be done,” Garwacke said, “then do it. We need to know how to help the elected officials above us get us the funding.”

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