The Importance of Life Insurance


It’s not always easy to know whether or not you need life insurance. If you don’t have it, should you buy it? And if you decide to purchase it, how much should you get? The first step to answering these questions is clearing up some popular misconceptions regarding life insurance. Many people believe that the purpose of life insurance is to cover the burial expenses of your loved one. While this can help, life insurance is actually intended to take the place of wages earned by the deceased person to support children or other relatives. If you have one or more dependents, you should have life insurance. If you are a young, single individual, then most likely you do not.  Even stay-at-home parents should have life insurance. The costs associated with hiring someone to care for your children and manage your home can be overwhelming. This is particularly true if you have a special-needs family member. If you are the main earner in your household, you should have enough life insurance to cover your lost wages, mortgage payments, college tuition and any other major expenses that your family is likely to encounter in the future. A Vreeland Insurance agent can assist you in weighing your options and finding the policy that best suits you and your family. Let us show you how we can help.

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