Summer Family Moving Tips

As the weather gets warmer and the kids are out of school, many families choose this time of year to move, especially as the number of available properties increases. Moving can be rough on children emotionally, so it’s important to plan ahead and to include them in the move as much as possible. Here are some tips to help your family move, wheither in New Jersey or moving out of state:

  1. Although younger kids are the more likely to be excited about the move, they still need plenty of reassurance and maintenance of their usual routine.  It is important that they understand their life will not change dramatically, and that their pets, favorite toys and other belongings will be coming along.
  2. You should explain where you are moving and why, and may want to use maps and pictures to make the move seem more real to them.
  3. Older children and teens may have increased difficulties in accepting a move. The loss of friendships and familiarity can seem devastating at an age when teens and pre-teens are forming their identities and creating more long-term relationships. Therefore, when planning a move make sure to tell your older children immediately, and keep them apprised of the expected timetable and what they can anticipate during each step of the transition.
  4. Do your homework on your new community so you can “sell” it to your teen. Older children will be more enthusiastic about a move if they know beforehand about positive changes and new opportunities.

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