A Story of Hope, brought to you by your Insurance Agent

The moving story of a New Jersey family who fought for insurance coverage for their disabled son is also a reminder of why it is so vital to have a personal relationship with your insurance agent. When insurance broker Mark Keown read about the Heinel family of Lawrenceville, he felt certain that he could help. When 30 year-old Christopher Heinel was 16, he sustained a severe injury to his back during a high school lacrosse game that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Christopher’s medical problems were further complicated several years ago when he was diagnosed with Type-I diabetes and suffered through a series of life-threatening infections. Then just weeks ago the Heinels suddenly faced disaster. Aetna informed the family that they were vastly reducing their small employer group coverage, and therefore Christopher’s 24 hours of skilled nursing care would be cut to just 60 four-hour visits a year.
Although the Heinels were eventually able to find new coverage with AmeriHealth, the company denied Christopher the 24-hour skilled nursing benefit. This is when Mark Keown, a father of three sons who also played high school lacrosse, stepped in to help. He knew that New Jersey law requires insurance carriers to offer a standard plan that includes unlimited home health care. Three weeks after Mr. Keown began working with the Heinels, Christopher had an excellent compromise- 12 hours of skilled nursing care daily from Aetna. Due to the dedicated service that the Heinel family received, this story has a happy ending. At Vreeland Insurance we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships and going the extra mile for our customers, ensuring that every family gets their happy ending.


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