Opening Day for Yankees – be safe!

Today’s the opening day for the Yankees, and even though ESPN-New York is hurting our feelings with tweets about a possible rain-out, we’re hoping for a great day for all our New Jersey Yankee fans!

As you can imagine, traffic is going to be heavy, and with the possiblity of rain – and even snow – please take extra care and time to get there. Actually, many say it’s best to take public transportation to get to Yankee Stadium, but if you must drive here are some ‘pro-tips’ on getting there from New Jersey while avoiding some of the heaviest traffic:

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If you’re crossing the bridge and heading toward Deegan and find it a stand-still, these tricky, but well-worth directions could be very helpful for you (Note! Please check for possible construction delays before you leave for the game):

1. As you cross the George Washington Bridge, take the Henry Hudson Parkway South (aka Westside Highway)
2. Take first exit (I think its 158 St). This will be a curvy sort of u-turn that will bring you up a hill into Washington Heights.
3. Follow the street up to Broadway.
4. Make a right onto Broadway
5. Make a left onto 155th Street.
6. This will take you to the Macombs Dam Bridge. See above for parking options.
7. You can either hang a right after crossing the bridge, which will bring you to the parking lots down by the river – good tailgating scene.  Or you can park at the brand spanking new Ruppert Lot which is directly adjacent to the old joint and across the street from the new Stadium.

Play it safe while at the game and be sure to have a designated driver, be patient with others on the busy roads, and give extra room to the car in front – especially if the roads turn slick during the possible snow storm. Your New Jersey auto insurance policy will cover you during the April Fool’s spring snow storm, but I think we can all agree that a safe return is what we’re all hoping for.

If you’re at the opening day, today, please tweet us your photos. We’ll post our Yankee fan fever on our Facebook page!

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